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SX2016 Rd01: Anaheim 1


And for my second track, we go back to Round 01 of the SX2016 series!


(And yes that’s me scrubing the finish :D).

This is a replica of the track on racing night, which differs notably from the blueprint (one less table, rythm sections have jump sizes switched around). 1.1:1 scale again as it suits what I am trying to achieve with replica SX more.

Thanks to the feedback received after my first track (Rd02), a few changes have been made:
[list][*]Supercross triples have a higher and steeper landing.
[*]Rythm sections flow better for all riding styles. Try starting with a single, double or try the triple in!
[*]Terrain textures have shadow maps on them.
[*][b]There are 2 tracks in the download. The normal one -regular name- has [u]collision enabled on toughblocks[/u][/b]. This is more realistic, and I worked a lot on centerline placement in combination with toughblocks placement so that, in 1h of normal play, I did not get one single cross-lane reset. It is the one intended for online racing. If you try goon enough and cross jump, sure you will manage… but then, introducing the [b]GRE, or “GoonRidingEdition(tm)”[/b], does not have any collision and is intended for getting you up to racing speed for online play.
[*]Terrain should now provide slightly better grip and feel more controlable.[/list]

I was aiming at an easier to access but harder to master track than the first one. Overall, it has more spots where you can make the difference – and this time, the difference will be made on getting your lines and rythm down rather than trying to charge one single corner exit, as every obstacle is easily doable. Just find a way to make them flow together. It is much more technical than the first track as it requires a great jumping technique to do a full lap using the “real” lines (angled jumps, cutting on take-off, seat bouncing…). It is however much easier to cruise around at medium speed and feel satisfied. On a 250F, you need to push it hard to get good laps down. The 450F has more line choices and relies more on throttle control.

I tried invisible walls, but it just felt wrong. The duo-track solution is imo a good compromise. And I know the shape of the “gate table” is shitty to ride on, but look at the footage from the event, it was even worse 😉

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