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SX2016 Round 03: Anaheim 2


[b][size=4]SX2016 Round 03: Anaheim 2[/size][/b]

Continuing with the replica (1.1:1 scale) SX of the 2016 season for my third track, here is…


I have documented the making of this track [url=]HERE[/url].

Now this round was a bit special. I wanted to push the limits of what I was capable of doing in terms of SX, and what the game could take in its beta 4 stage. [b]Overall, it is easier to be average this round, similarly difficult to previous rounds to be fast, but there are some wicked hard and fast lines.[/b] If you “see” a section, it is probably doable. But… [i]can YOU do it?[/i]

I tried replicating the actual track and blueprint as well as possible, while making a fun track with a lot of options. Not the one lined hell that was raced (take a look at [url=] this go pro of the event[/url] if you want to know what hell is like). I improvised in the turn after the finish line to keep it interesting and fun. And yes, beside the quad over the table, all his lines are doable.

Compared to previous rounds:
[list][*] jump faces and landings are very slightly steeper
[*]whoops should be more forgiving, with a bigger range of minimal to maximal speed
[*]rythm section start earlier exiting turns, finish later coming into turns. Being smooth and in control will be more rewarding than charging WFO like a madman
[*]”introduced” the double wheel tap as a way to go over certain obstacles
[*]some sections can only be done with proper body movement. Yes, I went there.[/list] [b][size=4][url=!NIoxHazS!4oqHJe0tUSZPuv7Cl1okKt7RFlfloFeWSGOceXEMzpM]Download SX2016RD03 on MEGA.NZ[/url][/size][/b] [b][size=4][url=]Download SX2016RD03 on MXB CENTRAL[/url][/size][/b]

I hope you guys will enjoy this track! This will most likely be my last one until beta 5 comes out, as I will not be able (nor really willing) to devote the time it takes to make this kind of difficult track ridable and somewhat enjoyable in the near future. It just takes too much time messing around with the obstacles because the rider/bike cannot compensate a bit of spacing/shaping imperfections.

Hoh and yeah, feedback welcome 😉


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