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Terrafirma Pro National


Hello Everyone,

This track is my first non-replica track. I picked a random hillside and designed the track using the terrain. I used some different techniques to build this track which is intended to be more like a national track. There should be some good roughness and ruts that are intended to provide options and difficulty. Lap times should be within the 2:38-2:48 timeframe for most riders. Track features 40 pits/gates, sand whoops, large booters, and numerous uphill/downhill sections. The track should be good for both 250 and 450 racing.
Big thank you to the Mx Bikes community for help. Most notably TFC, Resolute Kraken, RedRider197, Agitatos, Giopanda, and Mouk Lab for the tutorials, tools, objects, and discord help. Thank you also to the numerous test riders.

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Made for Beta 17.

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