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The Compound Lot. (Snocross)


Its getting near the end of the season and warm out, its starting to melt but we pushed all the snow we could to keep the place together for one last ride before the township may even shut us down. We called a couple race teams out for a last practice, while the ramp guys stole one of the Skidsteers and got the ramp hits all in check.

Welcome to “The Compound Lot.” My first track release for the Snocross Pack.

Based on an edge of town setting, this freeride/snocross practice park built on a dead end road just on the edge of town. I’d made this place while learning height maps and track building.

Using the example track files as my base, id attempted to remake the example track heightmap in photoshop with many changes to scale and jump faces. All focused on finding the balance of fun and realism of a snocross track.


We grew up riding ramps, and i had this old file lying around of a Freestyle Snowmobile Ramp id made a long time ago. Which quite luckily rides really well in MXB with no changes. Theres 3, a Super Kicker, Comp Ramp and a long Distance out in the back of the yard.


Before I experimented with making Freestyle ramps in my height map instead of objects. Which worked. But this Snow hit here, will kick the front end high and make flips much easier for upside down tricks. Wasn’t my intention but it worked so well i said the hell with it and left it in the middle of “The Ramp Six Pack”.

Theres alot of fun Hits at The Compound Lot. 2 Six Packs, one focusing on Snow Jumps while other focused on Ramps (With the Flip Snow Hit). A bigger gap loop around the property. Please be respectful of the old cabin out back and clean up after yourselves.

I learned alot on this, and many changes still could have been made but really wanted to get something out for guys to ride some sleds on. No reason you cant rip a bike around here either though, Snocross track is Sand based and jump sections are Soft soil based.

I have another track that im working on that is only Snocross/National style focused for racing, so i decided to stop tweaking this to get it done, and for everybody to enjoy this on. Its my first track, its not perfect, the track is very simple but the map gives a good vibe and alot of fun. I hope everybody enjoys my FIRST track release.

All objects are free and licensed for use. But id like to thank these guys on MXB for already having some assets made to the public for use, so i didnt have to build and convert files in blender as much lol.

Currently only works in testing until the server file is uploaded. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Redrider197 – Semi Pack

Agitato – Fly Finish Archways

PHANTOMZ – Skidsteer

Cody James/Kellz – Tree Pack

TheFluffyGecko – FMX Ramps

Ryan Cardno – Garage Pack


Total downloads: 3429

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

The Compound Lot. By DevoPROCworks
(Server) The Compound Lot. By DevoPROCworks

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