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The funny HaHa Pack


These are all the fun models I imported since idk late 2020 or so. People were asking, curious, hot for stuff. And here we are, The funny HaHa pack (name © by greenlenux).

These all are model swaps, no matter which one, they just change the appearance of a certain bike. All models except the KXF timbersled one were originally swapped on a 2020 CRF250R. Theoretically they should work on all bikes I’ve imported, as I follow the same pattern each time. But you’ll see.

All downloads below are in ZIP and have an own folder, in that folder there are most of the times the files gfx.cfg, model.edf and model_shadow.edf.

Long story short, here we go: (I might expand the list at some point)

Timbersled KXF
This one isn’t even as funny HaHa as it might be, especially since it’s a pretty decent model. The timbersled is made by mecke96 on MXS and when I played around with it, I remember he said it’s fine and he thinks it’s cool to see it in game. This bike is pure model swap for the KX250F/KX450F.

Following models were all free on the interwebz from various 3D Modelling pages. All credits go to them. Unfortunately I made them a long time ago and I don’t recall their authors anymore, will eventually add these informations in the future.

The Banana
Yeah. What should I say.

The Fish
blub blub

The Horse
yeehaw cowboy

The Nimbus2000
expecto patronum

The Podracer
Sebulba has some parts for you

Have fun!

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KXF Timbersled
0 - 24.6 MB
The Banana
0 - 5.9 MB
The Fish
0 - 181.0 KB
The Horse
0 - 697.0 KB
The Nimbus2000
0 - 2.8 MB
The Podracer
0 - 10.4 MB

Mod Instructions

Simply drag and drop the files from the folder in a the ZIP into a desired bike folder (overwrite if asking).
To get rid of these masterpieces, remove these files again.

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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I’m glad you’ve been working on this pack instead of the OEM pack. All those models are brand new, we can use them on any bikes geometry we want. In a word: thank you (well, two, but, you know, you get it)


funny haha

Cody James

funny haha

Diego93 - Difu Graphics

how weird does the new oem look, where is the Gas Gas?

Last edited 6 months ago by Diego93 - Difu Graphics

just know that jedi mind tricks dont work on watto


Credits will do fine


Do I put the Timbersled in the Bikes folder or in the Kx250/450 file


okay 🙂

Ascid Designs

this is the best thing i’ve seen in my entire life.

Man on the Bike

the snow track?


So good!
Was not ready to scroll down and see that Pod Racer lol.
Great stuff.


No chicken helmet? Then the pack is incomplete and insufficient for proper goonery. What is this, a scam? <3


blub blub


only for me isn’t working?


where do i put the KXF Timbersled

moto kid

I can’t finger out how to get the kx timber sled one

you will explain to me with great accuracy because I do not understand it


its just blank. ive been turned into crazy frog. can someone help me with this


sorry, i cant stop laghing at that image!!!! 🙂

I Minions

how to make the tyres dissapear?