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This release means a lot to myself. As a US Army Veteran, I recall playing MX Sim for hours on end whilst on my trip to Afghanistan in 2019. Designing custom gear and bikes for friends to pass the time. I have done a handful of Military kits in the past, but never something to this extent.

I initially had made these kits just for members of GRD, however I felt that I would be doing myself, and the Military MXB Community a disservice by not at least releasing public versions. I then decided to make it even more special, I decided to offer up customized kits to all veterans that asked free of charge.

I was in utter shock to see how many amazing dudes play MXB and chose a profession that others simply wouldn’t choose. The amount of positive feedback I received from the community by and large was refreshing to say the least.

So without further adieu, I present the second season of “THE LABEL”

Thank you to TCrain for the Tech10s
INSANE for the 3D viewer
Snappe and Piboso for the rider model
And anyone else I might have forgotten

Also Thank you to all those who are currently serving, have served, and most of all the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

“All gave some, Some gave all.”



Total downloads: 193


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