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The Morin Factory


Originally designed by Kyle Watts for MX Simulator, Morin came to me to convert his facility into MX Bikes. The track originally was just the outdoor national and 2 SX tracks, but in the process of converting the tracks to work with the physics of MX Bikes we decided to go wild with all of the extra space we had left on the map. We really wanted to push the limits of realistic track making with this one, we hope you all enjoy!

The track includes:

1 outdoor national
2 supercross tracks
2 FMX areas (quarter pipe area and standard FMX arena)
2 sand tracks (Crack Track 2.0 raceable)
River gap jump
Booter hills
Turn track
and 6 hidden easter eggs spread across the map


DISCALIMER FOR THOSE GETTING LOW FPS: Please turn off your 3D grass to improve performance, my fps dramatically improves when disabled on online races

TECHNIQUE TO JUMPING THE QUARTER PIPES: Higher speeds work better with the steep ramp physics, getting the perfect turn down into the landing takes a little bit of practice bending the physics. The best way to describe jumping them is to lean back near the last second as your bike is exiting the takeoff, from there try to perform a turn down but it just comes with practice, or you can hit up Jason Pelster from Prospect Designs as he’s the Axell Hodges of the the ramps

Donations are of course not required, but if you’d like to compensate my link is

Come join my track creating streams!

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this looks soooo sick


no bugs that I can find(yet). If able to raise the berm height some of the corners are to short. feels like you cant grab into them.


I fear it may be a little slick, I just can’t get my tire to bite as well as it should be, just kinda spins and goes sideways. Makes the build up for some of the jumps a little rough. As well as a few jumps are so perky that you hit them hard enough it wash’s out your tire.


Leaning forward makes it worse, leaning back makes it unhittable, hitting it without rider adjustments period makes the tire wobble. Hitting it standing up or sitting down doesn’t really make a difference. As for what I mean by slick, I more or less just meant that it may have had something to do with the jump and why it was washing out my tire, the only thing that made it slightly better was to make my suspension uncomfortably soft which made it difficult to attack the whoops, as well as bottoming out my suspension on nearly every jump. In some corners where I drop from second to 1st to not over jump some of the jumps it’s like all weight on the rear tire disappears. It feels like I’m riding in mud but only in the corners and the lip of a few jumps. Cutting the apex like you see in supercross where you slide your back tire up the berm and make the outside spit you out into the inside line, no matter how generous of an angle I give the tires my front slides out all awkwardly. It kind of spits itself over the top of the berm and does a full 90 degree angle negative to where I’m going.


Wasn’t asking you to tell me anything, just giving feedback. But I guess I’ll just take your advice then


hey the download link is broken i think


Where is the track supposed to be placed in, like what track folder (motocross, supercross, enduro,) I’m not sure I put it in motocross and enduro and those make the track go black I’m assuming it will do the same with supercross and the others please help I load the map onto the map and the map is black I can see my Dirtbike rider and my bike but cant see the map.


yes i have the map files for the morin factory but for the cracktrack, westsx, and the eastsx i dont have map files for. could that be why?


oh i also have the files all in the MOTOCROSS folder


Sweeeet !!!


Damn this looks sickkkk !!


Dude, the sand track is SO sick.
Really feels like the fucked up sand track near me after the MXGP guys spun a few laps.
The other tracks are great aswell.
Well done!


Upload on MEGA?
Mediafire to download, takes a long time.


Sick compound. Wish the berms were a bit bigger though. But thats a small thing. I love the national track sweeping left into the huge table. that thing is fun AF!


good track, maybe if corners were rutted and bigger would be perfect good job 🙂


Shows there was an update on Feb 10, is this true? If so, what is the update? I love the crack track 2.0!


this is the coolest map!


i just have a question, is there a difference between all the tracks in the map selection or are they all the same?


Yo i got this issue I put all three tracks on I can see them but when I click play and it has the track graphics loading bit my game stops responding. how do I fix this?

Marcus Thompson

have you extracted it???


I have the same problem and it’s installed correctly


im having the same issue


same for me

Brad | KDR

I know im late but for some reason this link dose not work on my pc some mediafire ones dont mega does and drive i realy want to rip it up at the factory but i cant i think its my antivirus can anyone help