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Thor Sentinel GP + Roost Deflector


I made a few adjustments to this model after a while of it being posted. I wanted to do this a while ago, but I kept forgetting about it until just a couple of days ago. So below are some pic comparisons of the differences that the old and the updated model have. All of the updates really did, were just to make the model fit the rider a lot better and to make it smaller than it was before.
Before and after of the back size
Before and after of the front size
This is what they look like in the rider selection screen due to the rider standing up, in contrast to him leaning forward
This is what it looks like when you’re riding.
Also it uses the same PSD so you don’t have to make your skins again
-And With Help With the mud layers and the import process-

How to bring your custom protection into the game:Save the Thor Sentinel GP.psd as “protection.tga” into a folder somewhere.
Copy the “protection_s.tga” and “protection_n.tga” into the same folder.
Open PaintEd and “Read Dir”, navigate to the folder.
“protection” and “protection_s” should be displayed in the list.
Give the paint a name in the bottom text box.
Hit “Pack” and save it into your project folder.Copy the “rider” folder from this archive into your “mods” folderCopy the.PNT from your projects folder (the file you packed with PaintEd)
into the “paints” folder, (re-)start your game and you’ll see it.

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