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Throwback Honda Paints


What’s up dudes.

Made a couple of different throwback honda paints because I grew up a fan of both and wanted to have these liveries for the new models.

The hrc woody woodpecker design just brings me back to when RC was on a 2 stroke 250. Not an exact replica but loosely based on the 03 hrc team.

The geico honda kit is not exactly a certain year replica either. It has a little bit of a year to year matchup. Anywhere from 2013 to 2015 ish type stuff. Just kinda threw it together based on what I thought looked nice at the time.

Both sets have a 450/250 with corresponding background colors as well.

Only really made these for me and my buddies but figured I would upload them on here if anyone else decided they wanted them. Hope yall enjoy them. Only my first couple of paints I have made so tips are welcome. Let me know what yall think.
Thanks for checking them out.

Credits to Buzz Cooksey for the 2024 hrc psd and to the oem team for dropping bangers and making this game even more enjoyable.

Mod Instructions

Simply drag the mods folder directly into your piboso>mxbikes folder and you should be all set.


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Geico and HRC

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