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Heard about Pepiti?

Thursday Night Motocross 2015


It’s a real amateur track but that’s great. It rides fantastic on the 450, the 250, the 125 and the pitbikes. The fun for me is how fast you can go once you learn where to scrub, where to seat bounce and stay low, you can really improve laptimes this way here.

Google Earth was kind enough to have all the jumps from the 2015 layout in 3d, so making a replica was incredibly easy and quick using Google Earth as a reference to build in L3DT. I can guarantee that this is 100% 1:1 scale, making it all the more fun to ride. The track is generally pretty easy with three do-or-die sections. For reference please see:

Hope you guys enjoy it! Looking forward to racing it online with you all.  8)



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