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TLD GasGas by Frosty122


Here is my vision of what I hope the TLD team will do with their bikes. Inspired mostly by the 15/16 TLD KTM’s and the TLD Honda’s. Really happy with how it ended up turning out! I have only included the paints on the 250/450 in the download link to save space on my mediafire. There is also a version with black instead of the blue included. Both version have 2 stroke files included so they will work if you copy and paste to the 125 etc. FOR EXAMPLE: MX2 for the SXF would be for the SX125/150 aswell and MX1 would be for SX250. Hope you enjoy!

Big thanks to everyone in the OEM team for the bikes+templates and iNsane for releasing the locker tool!

If you enjoy my work donations are greatly appreciated but not required!



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If you enjoy my work donations are greatly appreciated and helps to justify the hours it takes

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