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Trbovlje MX, Slovenia (3D scan)


It’s been a long time since I did a track. Well, found a good opportunity… in a form of a nice 3D scan of a motocross track in Slovenia, Trbovlje MX. The initial track scan was made by mobilexcopter using a QT0x4 and released on Sketchfab (don’t waste your time looking it’s the only one there). I ported it into MXB and polished it a bit. Here is how it looks, side to side with a GoPro of the track (in winter, with a slightly different layout):

The track rides well, it’s an old school style local MX track. It’s a 1:1 scaling in all directions! No huge jumps, but some nasty elevation changes. Some very fast sections, some very slow sections. Overall, it’s “medium rough” – ruts are there, it shakes you up a bit, some braking bumps, and some chewed up faces but nothing that will make you randomly fall. It is however a bit more difficult than most track we usually see. Textures are from the scan pictures – you ride on what you see!

First 3D scanned map in MXBikes and have to say it has turned out above my expectations. Have fun!



  • mobilexcopter on Sketchfab for the 3D scan
  • TFC for the SkyBoxes and advice
  • Sandbiter for the Trees
  • Fabian van Dorst on Sketchfab for the tyres
  • … and last but not least Snappe for helping me sort out scaling (still no idea what’s going on in Blender though).

For the curious:

  • The scan was a 3D object that I turned into an 8k heightmap to work on.
  • 95%+ of the on track heightmap is untouched. I just corrected a few holes and trees here and there.
  • Had to basically redo the off track from scratch (fuck trees).
  • Once all heightmap work was done: Gaussian Filter 2 pixel wide (removing noise and the “pebbles” from the track), scaling down to 2k. Any less filtering and it was unridable due to random kicks, and any higher resolution and the FPS was all over the place.


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