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Ty Masterpool SportClips Replica + Public (250 + 450)


The bike that makes factory guys mad (winking at Webb).

I didn’t really know where to go with this project, but the Masterpool show from Thunder Valley motivated me for a whole week so i went ahead and did the 450 he rode at Rd.3 and the 250 he rode at Rd.1. Both with a Public version for us to enjoy that privateer power.

Big thank you to Frosty122 that helped a lot with the files and that graced the bike with his beautiful FMF pipe.
Thank you to the OEM Team for all the free bikes and thank you to Phantomz who i think made the KXF Model.

Here are a few photos, the download link is at the bottom waiting for you.

Mod dependencies

This mod by giopanda is needed:

[release v1.0] Dunlop Geomax MX33 + Excel Signature rims


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