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Unadilla 2016/17


Hey hey!

Unadilla 2016 / 2017 (Unadilla B7b updated 23rd November).

It feels like I’ve spent more time on this than Red Bud. It’s about as accurate as it gets without getting too obsessed about the off track areas.

In the interest of time, which I don’t have too much of these days, I’ve really not put too much effort into the objects on this track. The off track is pretty basic, the pit area is plain with no tents and I’ve only modelled the main buildings. This doesn’t take away from the experience at all though in my opinion, and I just wanted to get the track released instead of spending ages perfecting something that doesn’t add to the ride.

Couple of cool things are the lake and the windows, as I learnt how to add the reflection shader with a custom environment map to track objects, and of course the track normal map which kind of mimics an off season dry /  slightly ridden surface. The deformation get’s hectic here.


Updated version 23rd November 2017. Removed normal layer on top and added pitboards.


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