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Urban Freestyle


Here is an Urban freestyle Kit/Bike that I have been working on for a tiny bit of time hope you enjoy it!
There are going to be 2 rider paints one with black pants and one with grey as well as 2 bikes one with a number and a public version. Also a pair of gloves
The kit is Metal Mulisha/Rockstar
joegarlick79 For the base Bike livery
bigboy698  For the rider pants
higgo  For the gold wheels

Thanks to merked for the screenshots 

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Joe Moto

Damn that’s a sexy setup, awesome job dude

Joe Moto

anytime man


what map is the first pic? not ntc is it?


noob here, been able to get the gloves and hoodie to work, but what is the GasGas folder? where am I meant to put those files?


How did you get the hoodie to work i dont know what fold i need to send it in

bro i can't install the mod can you help me pls?