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Valor – Homie Shred x Monster | 2022 Alpinestars SM10



Simple, familiar, and infused with Valor – we bring to you the clean look of the Carbon & Monster Astars SM10. With the logos you love, ensuring that Alpinestars & Monster remain the prominent logos on a familiar helmet, with a simple change…. HOMIE SHRED.

As seen on our merch, Homie Shred was bound for an appearance in game, and we did it in the best way that we felt fit his persona and allowed him to remain animated in a different light; on a helmet! Please note, this kit does not include goggles – we have this in the agenda for future works with assistance from Breatherite Technologies.

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Thank you all for your continued support. We can’t wait to host more events and simply create more in general – with the help of the brilliant minds behind the community, we can’t wait to learn more and to be able to provide high quality content along the way. MX Bikes wouldn’t be the same without those that put together the platform(s) and places that give us all ways to share.

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Mod dependencies

This mod by Stuukracing is needed:

2022 Alpinestars SM10



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chum is fum

man dont listen to those dislikes. CHUM IS FUM!!!!!!!!!!!


The homie shred

Dope helmet! Are you boys going to make a matching gearset? :O 😉


Shoutout Shred!


Very cool design Valor


Thanks for giving us a paint for the new helmet. You guys are always pumping out new content for the players

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