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Valor Signature Series 2.0


Signature Series 2.0

The original Valor S Series remains one of our most popular selections amongst riders. We wanted to bring it back, but in new fashion, without draining the clean appeal it had before. We redid the original elements of design from scratch and revamped it to bring back one with a little more…texture. Staying true to the Signature Series.

This set includes two colorways, Dark & Light (just like the original). Gloves are also included for ea. colorway.

To help the process of the design & to ensure we didn’t stray too far from what we wanted to accomplish, we brought @BreatheriteTech onto the project to really complete the gear. This also ensured that it met the standard of quality guidelines for all riders. With their patented mesh and venting system, we knew this gear would be a success, and not only during certain seasons. Breatherite Approved.

Don’t worry, our LIGHT colorway remains glistening in the sun for those looking to temporarily blind others around them. The light kit was one of the favorites, so we ensured to keep this kit as clean as can be – just with a few added touches to make sure the design was more impactful, not including the added n/r elements as well to help with the overall look & feel.

Just try not to crash, okay?


This gear was seen briefly worn by Hurren, in his 4K Cinematic Compound video. We were happy to get some additional testing prior to release day. Watch his video here.


We are grateful for all of your support, input, and simply love. A piece of the Valor mission was more than gear, to build onto a community and inspire others to create; the same way all of you inspired us. We hope to continue this for all.

If you have any questions or would like to see our additional content, including comps and current events, please follow us on Instagram @valorracewear. You can find an invite to our discord as well, within the link in bio.


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