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Warren County Speedway


Howdy bikers, I’m back with another one (:

Have you ever looked at an oval track and thought, “what this needs is even more danger” – then I have the track for you! The idea came about after seeing the oval in Diablo county. Originally I didn’t even bother starting, but it just kept nagging at the back of my mind until I finally relented and here we are! I used the namesake track as a base layout, in Indianola, Iowa (and made it bike friendly) seeing as this track raced with cars in all the media I saw, I added bigger berms and a jump to hopefully facilitate some intense over/under crossings. There’s also a bypass to the jump if you don’t have the speed to clear it (though you risk colliding with bikes coming the other way!) This is a fairly small track overall, despite the speeds. Measuring at a total of 340 meters, a quick lap time for me (riding a cr250) was 15.8-16 seconds. Track has a total of 28 pit stalls/start gates, so get your friends together!

Many thanks are in order, again:
  • TFC, for the tutorials (This map wouldn’t exist without your videos!)
  • Agitato, Giopanda, Rosshell, and Redrider197, for their trackside obects and arches
  • Resolute Kracken, for the wonderful track builder helper

Thank you all! I wish you all a very chaotic race <3


Total downloads: 256

Made for Beta 18.

Warren County Speedway
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