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August 15, 2023

The user profile options have been extended. It is now possible to add more social accounts which are being displayed on your profile, as well as change your website-wide “display name” that is being shown on posts and pages across the system.

More profile customization options might come very soon. We hope you enjoy those little features!

August 4, 2023

Last couple days were used to add some QoL features to the website system. That includes the new and very simple download counter and download timestamp notification. Hovering over the green checkmark when browsing through the website will tell you exactly when you last downloaded any of the files from that post. When in the downloads section of a post, it will tell you the same with the option to reset it. We’re interested in developing this feature more in the future.

With the website’s default timezone being set to UTC/GMT+00:00 these times will also be incorrect for you depending on your offset. You can update your personal timezone in your user profile now.

Your current timezone is set to UTC.