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White RM For 03 RM 125 & 250


-Template Buzz Cooksey

Took Buzz’s template and changed all the colors, from plastics to graphics. Also added my own front and rear fender design. Added all my own logos, I DID NOT touch the seat from the original template.

Added a white frame and changed the pipe color.

If you want the PSD just comment, If enough people ask for it I’ll just update the post with both PSD’s. A regular PSD and a PSD with no logos on it.

What liveries do you want to see? Or what bikes do you want to see more liveries for?

Any feedback is welcome, always looking to improve and make changes, if anything is wrong with the livery let me know and I can make changes and update it.

As always send me a message on Discord if you want your name and number on the livery free of charge!


Total downloads: 60

White RM

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