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WSX RD. 1 Cardiff By Jackie Moon


Track Release #3!!

This was a fun one, I tried to replicate race day as much as possible. I also stepped out of my comfort zone to create some custom objects. This track has a great flow along with some skill gap. There are some 450 only lines for you to find and some sweet freestyle jumps to throw some steeze. Round 2 will be following shortly. Let me know how you all like it!

There are many people to thank for this project:

A huge S/O to Maplar for placing all of my bales! Saved me a lot of time and headache.

TFC: Tutorials

Agigato: Tutorials

Resolute Kraken: Tutorials & Track Builder

Niko: Tutorials

Ruubs: Tutorials

Slabz: Camera men

Earthwurx: Objects and general info

Kewin Fuela: General help

Testers: MotoMart Team

Anyone else I may have forgotten, Thank you

If you like the track that much, buy me a beer!


Total downloads: 689

Made for Beta 17. Compatible with other Betas.

Server Version

Changelog 1

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