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Wubbajub Raceway


Two tracks in one week? I don’t know, but here’s another one for everyone! This was a collaborative effort with Danky. He provided the heightmap from an unfinished MXS project, which I left largely unchanged (aside from just making it playable in MXB). This was something we started a while back and I kinda forgot about… Found it the other day in my files and decided to finish it up finally!

It’s somewhat short, I was doing ~ 1:30 laps. Track cameras all work flawlessly, haven’t found any odd jumps between cameras in my testing. Big thanks to the community for helping with my questions and getting deeper into what you can do with the files available! Gio and Ruubs for objects (seems as always, maybe I’ll learn to model next).

Enjoy! It’s been a fun little project, I must say.

* Updated shadows and sun position, modified final corner, changed dip into middle double, smoothed various jump faces, fixed typo in track image

** Fixed pit full error



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