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WW Ranch MXGP Version 2017 Réplica


Hello everyone after long months of work I am able to release ww ranch version mxgp 2017.
why this version simply because I like this year's layout and I started it a year ago without 
finishing it

I followed Antonio Cairoli's gopro to create the route here is the link : 

Thanks to Kris for the different base heightmap on some parts of the layout but 
who wanted me to have a base on which to work
Thank you to all the people listed below 
without them the result would not be this one

-- Agitatos 
-- Resolute Kraken
-- Redrider197
-- Giopanda
-- TFC
-- Niko Mouk 
-- Unam #2
-- Paco 
-- Noxo
-- Kris
-- Piboso 
And all the other people who contribute to this game in general

Here is my paypal for people who want to contribute to future projects and give strength :D


Total downloads: 300

Made for Beta 17.

Average rating 4.9 / 5. Vote count: 12

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