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X Games FMX


The X Games is an extreme sports competition in the US that was much bigger in the early 2000’s but they still do the event every year to this day. This is the Freestyle Motocross course, but the IRL even also includes skateboarding, rallyx, bmx, a whole winter sports event with snowboarding and freestyle snowmobiles and in the summer event they used to do street luge and supermoto and much more, this event is incredible and it should be bigger than the olympics.

In the pit area I included an art gallery consisting of art from the MXBikes community.

There is a hidden whoops track under the stands of the stadium to test your suspension.

I hope you all have fun.

Track Info

Track ID: XGames FMX.pkz

Soil Types (track materials)

Soft Soil


Total downloads: 1441

Made for Beta 18.


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