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Zaca Station MX – Final release


Merry Christmas MX-B Community. This is a long ongoing project i worked on since 2021. Not much of the track has changed in terms of terrain but a big shout out to MX Pirata for offering his time to work on texturing and race data and object placement. I hope you all enjoy. Its far from perfect but i am satisfied enough to call this the final release and move on from working on this project.
Cheers and enjoy!

BIG UPDATE: collaboration work with MX PIRATA
-updated textures, added ruts
-fixed Centerline, Startarea and Pit location
-added some objects to give more life to the track

!!!big thanks to MX PIRATA for the nice work on the track looks much better!!


Here we have a rough replica of Zaca Station Mx based on a mix of 2015&2017 layouts with some other elements/jumps added for a bit more flow and fun. This is my first attempt at making a track but i feel it flows well jumps are fun and floaty

Would like to thank:
-MX PIRATA for your collaboration and making the track shine more!
-TFC for his tutorials
Redrider197 for the waterobject and the EZ Tents
-Agitato for the finishgate, the banners and the Holeshot object
-Giopanda for track assets
-Piboso for the track tools and example track to build off of the existing files there

Track Info

Track ID: ZacaStationMX


Total downloads: 3219

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

High Quality
Server Version

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