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2021 6D ATR-2


Next one! This time the 2021 6D ATR-2.

I’ve again decided to put on ATee’s Armegas you can find on my FOX V3 import (2020 FOX V3 100% Armega –
You’ll find the free Goggle template there as well. The TGA code for the Goggle and Lens is “Armega.tga” and “Lens.tga”.

This import comes with 22 goggles as known from my other imports that use the same goggles and 16 paints that came with the helmet PSD – so credits to who made those -, reflection and normal maps are redone for the most skins.

You can buy the original helmet PSD off of “aeffertz#5020” on Discord. You can hit me up on Discord as well – “insane#0283” – and show me proof of purchase and I will send you the modified PSD and the custom maps I’ve prepared.
I’ve changed couple UV position to make the import harmonize more with MX Bikes. Helmet shell paints will most likely work with no issues.

Enjoy. 🙂


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