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ATR Racing Amateur SX Compound


Well… here we go! This is my first track release.


I’ve made a few attempts at building a track, following TFC’s tutorials, but I was never happy with anything I created.


Lynd’s recently released series of tutorials re-sparked my creative juices and I thought I would give it another pop.


The track is geared towards beginner / intermediate level riders with a couple hundred hours in game.


I tried to create a track with a similar style to the Mini O’s SX track at Gatorback; fast, flowy, fast paced racing, room for error.


Overall I am pleased with the finished product, it took me way longer than it should’ve because I am way too OCD.


Let me know what you think below, or drop me a line on Discord! ohtea_


I can’t thank the below creators enough for their help:

  • Red Rider – endless supply of amazing objects (bales, semi’s, watertruck etc)
  • TFC – for the tutorials and teaching me the basics of L3DT
  • Lynds – for the recent tutorial series and making the whole process very idiot proof
  • The ATR Racing crew for beta testing the track and providing feedback


Total downloads: 1403

Made for Beta 18.

ATR Racing SX Amateur Compound

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