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Hello! NewSkool here with my very first track build. Took me a little under a week to get everything done. It isn’t perfect but I find that it flows well and does have multiple line selections!

I did most of my testing on a 450, but most line choices work for both 250 and 450.

I do plan on doing more tracks in the future, so please let me know what I can do to improve for my next project!

Massive shout out to Lynds and his line of track videos. I’ve been interested in building tracks for a while and his videos gave me what I needed to give it a go!

Also, big shout out to

RedRider197 for the bales and EZ ups

Phantomz for the skid steer

Kellz & Cody for the Y tree pack

I’m probably just dumb, but can’t get the in game screenshots to attach properly smh. Here are the links to them though.


Total downloads: 344

Made for Beta 18.

Server Version

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