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DiabloMX Ranch


Welcome to DiabloMX Ranch.

(Formally Sandhill MX Ranch)

This is my first attempt at creating a replica track. It’s inspired by a local track in Brentwood, CA, USA. Known for decades as Sandhill MX Ranch, it was renamed Diablo MX Ranch a few years ago. The track is renowned for its large hill, a defining feature that has always been central to its layout. Although the layout has changed over the years, the main hill has remained a constant.

This was the first track I ever rode back in 2005. The replica layout I used reflects the track as it was before it sadly closed to the public in 2023. My goal was to recreate it to preserve its memory before moving on to my next major track build. I aimed to stay true to the original design, with the addition of making every jump and berm larger to suit the game. It rides best on a 125/250f, as a 450 would overjump everything but still provide a nice challenge.

I hope you enjoy it!


Special thanks to:

Resolute Kraken



Kellz & Cody




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– HydraRetro


Track Info

Track ID: DiabloMX

Soil Types (track materials)

Soft Soil


Total downloads: 4148

Made for Beta 18.

Server Version
Server Version

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