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MJSX2 Winter Edition


Welcome to Jaeckels Hillside SX 2019, or in short: MJSX2 Winter Edition. – TL;DR

This track was originally made by MJrace for MX Simulator. Back in 2019 I messaged him on Instagram and he allowed me to port this track into MX Bikes. Actually, I even released this track in late 2019 around christmas time as a total bugfest because I’ve been rushing the release and the winter theme was a pretty spontaneous idea.

Even that the heightmap was pretty much done and I was happy with how it felt in MX Bikes, I never touched the track again.

Until now.

I loved the idea of a winter themed track as we never had anything similiar (besides the Winter Wonderland freeride track), so I dug the old project files up and started using Resolute Krakens Track Helper which was a blessing. Working on a track never felt as great as with this handy tool. Definitely check it out!

Back to topic: I started adapting my old project files to RKTH and realized how much fun it actually does. So I kept going and now we’re here. Pictures say more than words so take a look:

Massive thanks to Resolute Kraken for his help and his track helper app. This tool really kept me going!

Thanks to Ruubs (Ruben Kuilder) for the awesome looking bales!

Thanks to Niko Mouk for his object placement tutorials!

Last but not least: thanks to MJRace for the permission to do this!


I hope you all like it, if anything feels weird or you have weird performance issues, I’m happy to take a look at it!

Don’t eat the yellow snow.


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Mod Instructions

Move the .pkz file into your mods/tracks/supercross folder.

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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awesome job dude! thanks for sharing

MrRipper | WPR


MrRipper | WPR

Definitively my favorite supercross track!

MrRipper | WPR

The first lap I rode it I LOVED it, good job bro!

Last edited 1 year ago by MrRipper52

Superb job on the update! Rides great and the theme is a nice change up:).


let’s try this !! thanks bruh !


Love the track. The birds seem to cheer me on.

Cody James

Dude i loved this in sim, awesome job putting it in bikes


Link for the honda with 2 pipes, pls.


Link doesn’t work for me 🙁