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MXGP Winners – Lombok – JPD


Alright, and we’re getting closer to up to date haha. MXGP Winners from over a week ago in Lombok, Indonesia.

In case u didn’t read the description of MX Winners Southwick, my laptop died last Tuesday, so I didn’t have the ability to do MXGP Winners or WSX Winners. I only got a replacement (Asus TUF F15) on Sunday night, and have spent all my free time tryna get everything dialled, and I think we’re good now.

Don’t have much to say abt this race, Prado is your 450 champ at this rate, Febvre on fire, MX2 is all open but Adamo is my favourite for the title. Tbh I didn’t watch all the motos for this one, there was so much going on between Redbud, WSX and MXGP.

Hope you guys enjoy these kits. The Febvre one is a duplicate, the Geerts one is actually pretty cool. If you like what I upload and want more details and wanna see everything I do, check out my Discord, JP Designs. Not allowed to post the invite here, but my inbox is open on Discord, so just msg me there and I would be delighted to send u an invite link. If you want custom gear or helmets you can also just msg me on Discord. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.

Thankyou all for the patience, thx guys


My Discord: petch195

(Formerly Petch195#7666)


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MXGP Winners - Lombok - JPD

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