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Niko Designs CRF Swirl


Hey everyone this is my first ever PUBLIC bike paint on the mods site i have made this paint in a way where it looks amazing when riding it, i know the graphics itself does not look too good but lets be honest, the only time you really see that is when you have just started the game and are speed running your slow ahh into ur favorite  track (probs made by jv) but with this graphic the design is formed to prioritize YOU! anyway i hope you enjoy and btw im selling the psd for $1 of mxbikes shop credit as i cant buy stuff off their with my card due to family problems if you would like to donate to me just send me a wallet transfer on mxbikes shop

(handguard model swap is in the file BUT IS FOUND FROM THE OEM ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS)

mxbikes shop info: GUID: FF0110000119952164
username: Nikonogist

discord: nikodesigns

Mod dependencies

This mod by giopanda is needed:

[update version 1.2] MAXXIS MaxxCross IT + Excel Signature rims

Mod Instructions

Place the mx2 honda file in your mods\bikes folder


Total downloads: 634

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GUID: FF0110000119952164 mxb-shop username: Nikonogist

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