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2006 Millville National


Small Update: Fixed 1 layer thickness for better erode. Noticed just after posting!

Hello Everyone,

The track is a replica of the 2006 Spring Creek MX National in which Ricky Carmichael lapped the entire field. I was in attendance for the race and always wanted to build it for mx bikes. I tried placing most of the exact replica banners, and some of the track signage around the track where possible. Track features 40 gates and pits, track cameras, and marshals.

This project was in my folder so I got it into decent shape for release. I hope you enjoy it. Scaling was started before all the updated OEM’s and Factory bikes. The factory bikes are rocket ships so I would not go bigger than a 250f.

Lastly, after 12 tracks and almost exactly 2 years, I have decided to hang up my boots and let the more talented track makers do their thing. The demands of IRL commitments makes it impossible to devote the time needed to make good, quality tracks. Rather than building, I’ll simply be enjoying the new creation releases. This also means I will not be doing the 2024 SX Prep tracks this year.

THANK YOU to the community members, track makers, and streamers for your support and positive comments. I always looked forward to seeing your track review/previews after releasing a track. I will still be riding online so if you see me out there say hi.

Credits and Thanks:
• Red Rider – Testing, Track Assets, Semi , and for answering my many questions!
• ENDO –textures, and for answering my many questions!
• Resolute Kraken – Resolute Builder
• Agitato – Various Objects
• GioPanda – Various Objects
• TFC – Tutorials, Water Truck
• Cody & Kellz – Tree asset (used for desert trees/bushes)

If you want to see the progression over the last 2 years here are links to my tracks.
1. Hurricane Hills MX MN
2. Midway MX
3. Meadow Valley MX
4. BCMX Adventure Park
5. AMBC RND2 Moree Motorcycle Club
6. Terrafirma Pro National
7. 2023 SX Prep Rounds 1-7, 9
8. 2023 SX Prep Part 2 – Rounds 10-17
9. BP73 Moto Ranch
10. 212 Moto Ranch
11. Desert Sands Raceway
12. 2006 Millville


Total downloads: 11820

Made for Beta 18.


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